You know that feeling when you get blamed for something that’s not your fault?

We know that feeling; it sucks. But it’s the story of roads ever since there’s been roads. 

One driver gets hurt because another makes a stupid mistake. Another driver gets stuck in traffic because someone ran out of fuel and blocked the road. Safe drivers pay increasing insurance costs because collectively roads are less safe even though they don’t cause that risk. 

We think you should pay only for the risk you contribute and mistakes you make. It sounds incredibly simple, but we’re the only company allowing insurers to base pricing on you – and you alone, and for you to truly understand the road, and drivers, around you.  

The problem with (non-Nomi) insurance

driver age risk
location risk
car model risk
car age risk

It’s simply not fair

You ever wonder why it’s so expensive for younger drivers to get insured? It’s because some have accidents. Makes sense, right? But… you could be the safest 21 y/o driver in the world and you’ll still pay a penalty, because of other people’s mistakes. This happens for every driver, irrespective of age, location, skill or safety. Insurance companies simply don’t see you and so you pay for the mistakes of everyone else. To us this isn’t fair – and it’s time it changed.

What makes Nomi special?

Your actions matter

Nomi sees how you  drive. Your insurance score is adjusted in real time. You are in control of how much you pay – simply drive better to drive the cost down! You can always ask Nomi how, who’ll give you tips on ways to get safer and save money.  

Nomi is free when you take insurance with us

How does a Nomi look and feel?

You and your car should both look good, after all

a driving assistant

Nomi is an AI assistant (similar to an Alexa) that sees the road and driver via access to a professionally installed dashcam 

insurance savings

Nomi calculates driver risk. This is used to prove to insurers how safe a driver you are – with up to 40% savings on premiums

get safe rewards

Nomi coaches drivers (through an app – not while driving) on how to get safer. Do so and get rewards like cash and retail discounts

better driving experience

Networks of Nomi’s calculate faster, safer roads for you to use and guard features look after your car when you’re not there

What’s the process of getting a Nomi?

Four quick steps to a new future


Register for a Nomi here on or download the app. We’ll ask some quick questions to get to know you and you can take a look at all our partner insurance companies (you’ll need to pick one later)


Nomi is free! Due to reduced accidents from Nomi drivers our insurance partners cover the costs. Compare and pick an insurer in-app – you can switch whenever you want


If you’ve ever installed a dashcam or similar car battery powered device you know it can be a nightmare. We send a qualified mechanic to install Nomi into your vehicle and configure it 


That’s it. Get driving. The safer you are, your insurance will drop (typically around 40%) you’ll also gain insights into your driving behaviour via the app and tips to get safer and earn extra rewards

It takes seconds to get an insurance quote 

It’s time we drive as a team

The road is a community. School runners, truckers, pedestrians and people ordering home deliveries – we’re a community and understanding each other makes us stronger 


It’s hard to step back and see perspectives sometimes – we’re busy people, trying to get somewhere. Nomi gives new perspectives – so we can make decisions in new lights.


Traffic is people making the same individual decision of “I’m going THAT way.” Nomi lets us use roads effectively so we win together – not get stuck as individuals. 


Today, sadly, the many pay for the errors of the few, whether in lives or money. Nomi allows personal accountability for our actions and offline coaching for drivers (not while driving!) for safer actions.


Most drivers are safe & those who aren’t can become so. Nomi this and lets our insure partners see it – rewarding safe (and improving) drivers with up to 40% discounts and other rewards.